10 Reasons you need a Skeleton Watch Today!

Personally, I’m a big fan of skeleton watches. Ever since the day I accidentally discovered them when I was trying to buy my boyfriend a present, I have had a strange skeleton watch obsession.

Since that day, many years ago, I haven’t yet owned a watch that wasn’t skeleton.

So, enough about me. Here’s why YOU need a skeleton watch today. :D :D :D


1. Apparently it’s oh, so trendy to make random lists about things!

So... yeah. That’s the number 1 reason. Because if it wasn't so trendy to make lists, you wouldn't have this list to read in the first place. Weird, eh?


2. Keep track of the thing that matters most --- time!

Now you can tell the time with just a flick of the wrist, rather than pulling out your phone... entering the password... looking for the time... Yes, yes, I know that’s any watch.

Also when I’m not wearing my watch, I never bother to pick up my phone. I just shout from across the room “ok google! What time is it!”


3. I’m aware that the last point was complete rambling.  

(take a break to see beautiful skeleton watch below.) Watch the watch the watch the watch...

stylish mechanical watches in singapore

4. A watch is probably the most useful piece of jewelry that one can acquire.

It can be worn by women or men. And let’s face it. When comparing skeletons to non-skeletons... skeletons are sheer beauty of craftsmanship embodied in a timepiece.

5. Mechanical vs Battery -

Yes, mechanical is less accurate, and they require way more maintenance. But I suppose the same could be said about any luxury item, could it not? (take another break to add a photo of one of my watches).

traveller designer men's watches in Singapore

So sexy... PS: If you like the photo above, you can order yours here.

6. If you’ve reached thus far - CONGRATULATIONS!

You must REALLY want a skeleton watch!! Find your perfect watch here. Confused about buying online? Click HERE.


Last but not least, I’m on a quest to make a million dollars. Who says I can’t do it while lounging on my sofa writing random rubbish at 2AM?

Last attempt at sales >> get your awesome amazing skeleton watch here:

Hope you enjoyed my rambling. Have a great day all!