Types of Watch Clasps and other Useless Information

So the other day, one of my customers asked me to acquire a watch with a certain kind of strap and a certain kind of buckle.

As we didn’t have anything similar in stock, I decided to consult Mr. Google to acquire one. It was then that I realized that I didn’t even know what to type into Google as I didn’t know what the strap was called.

One week later, I’m now older and wiser and know all the things about watch straps. (Unfortunately, I still don’t know the name of the one that I was looking for :(. It appears that it’s something fancy that needs to be custom made.)

That being said, I’ve decided to impart my wealth of watch knowledge to you all by sharing about all the various types of watch clasps. Enjoy!.

1.    The Tang Buckle

tang watch buckle singapore

This is arguably the most common type of buckle, and is the one that looks similar to what is usually found on belts. Who knew it had a fancy name like tang?? The tang buckle consists of a row of holes on one side of the strap with a metal pin on the other side, whereby the size can be adjusted depending on which hole you choose.


2.    Jewelry Clasp

jewelry watch clasp

Similar to what is used in some necklaces or bracelets, the Jewelry clasp consists of  a simple latch which closes around a small bar to hold the watch in place. It also looks so beautiful, doesn't it :D Needless to say, this type is usually found in watches with fairly narrow straps.

3.    The Deployment Clasp

deployment clasp watch simple
The next few are all found together with the typical butterfly buckle. The deployment clasp unfolds into thirds allowing the users to put the watch over their hand. It then hooks into place with a small hook. Pardon the overuse of the word hook - I'm too lazy to find a new word.

4.    Push-button Deployment

push button deployment clasp
Also opening into thirds, the push-button deployment allows a faster opening of the watch by pushing two buttons which are found on either side of the clasp, releasing the catch. It's now so easy to take your watch off!

5.    Fold-over push-button Deployment

Push-button Deployment clasp with safety buckle
Well that was a lot of hyphens. This clasp is similar to the push-button deployment clasp, but with an extra piece that folds over to ensure that the strap does not become undone on its own.  

I hope everyone feels much wiser now. Now, if you are looking for a particular type of clasp, you know what it’s called and don’t need to search for a photo. :D